Our portfolio represents a diverse group of early stage businesses, primarily located in New England.

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Advanced Image Enhancement’s (AIE) core technology evolved from proprietary United States Navy signal and image processing research utilized for the detection, classification and localization of undersea mines. AIE aims to provide physicians with every possible advantage in the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer.

In 2017, we officially exited our position in AIE through a buyout.

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Board On Track provides expertise, training, powerful, web-based tools and a membership community to the foot soldiers in the battle to improve our nation's public school system... the boards and CEOs of charter public schools. A charter school is a multi million dollar public enterprise. Running it with a group of volunteers is a daunting task. Board On Track will help to leverage the efforts of volunteer board members into real results: academic excellence and organizational sustainability.

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Boston Heart Diagnostics

Boston Heart Diagnostics is a healthcare company that provides cardiovascular disease (CVD) management. Through our combination of proprietary lipid testing capability, sophisticated tools, advanced therapy guidelines, and patient support services, we are providing physicians, patients, and pharmaceutical companies with viable disease management.

In 2014, the company was acquired by Eurofins Scientific.

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Concentric helps organizations deploy simulation within their environments.

With the proliferation of new media types, the explosion of available data, the rising influence of social networks, a general desire to reduce advertising spend, and the increasing number of new product failures, marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to pick strategies that produce desired outcomes.

In this turbulent and fragmented environment, Concentric is on a mission to bring a new science to marketing that is expressed through simulation. Their goal is to become the global leader in simulation by designing a product and experience that allows users to build better marketing strategies faster than any other option available.

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Florence Health is a start-up digital publisher creating content that educates and inspires frontline healthcare professionals, primarily RN’s, NP’s, physician assistants, and hospital administrators. From professional advice to breaking health studies and lifestyle tips, Florence Health empowers this under-tapped audience to make the most of their careers in healthcare.

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Hilltop BioSCiences

Hilltop BioSciences is a veterinary biotech company that has exclusively licensed and developed a shelf stable, room temperature regenerative allograft in an injectable or membrane form for a wide array of veterinary indications. This modernized therapeutic will help change the way veterinarians treat injuries with a more effective, faster, easier to use therapy.

Learn more about Hilltop BioSciences here.

Horizontal Systems

Horizontal Glue™ is a Web-based building information modeling (BIM) solution for the construction industry that allows individuals to upload, merge, and browse building models eliminating incompatibility issues between different software platforms while facilitating collaboration among project participants.

In 2011, Autodesk acquired Horizontal.

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InfoBionic develops the MoMe System™. The MoMe is a one device, one solution patient monitoring platform that allows physicians to quickly and accurately diagnosis and treat patients. With the initial product focused on detecting cardiac arrhythmias, MoMe offers a comprehensive remote monitoring solution including an extensive cloud-based architecture for analysis, a patient device, and a physician user interface for remote management.

Learn more about InfoBionic here.

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iTeam, Inc., a private company, is the industry's leading provider of Service-as-a-Product™ (SaaP™). iTeam has transformed the complex, multi-step process of service sales and delivery into well-defined, packaged products. iTeam's unique iPlatform™ makes this "service-to-product" transformation possible.

Learn more about i-team here.



Kalion is an early-stage biotechnology company that will transform the traditional production of chemical intermediates by providing low-cost access to glucaric acid and 3-HBL using traditional fermentation technology.

Learn more about Kalion here.



KnipBio is developing a proprietary fermentation technology to formulate highly nutritious, sustainable and economical aquafeeds. Its KnipBio Meal (KBM) is a source of essential amino acids, protein and anti-oxidant carotenoids. 

Learn more about KnipBio here.



Laurent Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company developing a new treatment paradigm in addressing chronic inflammatory diseases, by using body’s own ability to resolve the inflammation process. Laurent’s lead program (LAU-7b) is a first-in-class oral endogenous modulator of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), the pathway that triggers the resolution phase of inflammation. 

Learn more about Laurent Pharma here.



Medumo’s product, CareTours ™, offers digital instructional programs that healthcare providers can easily customize and provide to patients to guide them through their treatments and procedures. These providers can license the technology to automate the delivery of timely and engaging patient instructions and manage check-in questions. Medumo is creating an electronic version of the paper packets patients receive from their physicians. Through engagement via text messages, Medumo is able to provide similar information in a more cost effective and scalable way as compared to the paper packets and office staff reminders.

Learn more about Medumo here.



MoFuse, the global leader in Mobile Content Management, makes it easy and affordable for any business to build and manage a mobile website. MoFuse (short for Mobile Fusion) is host to over 40,000 mobile sites from 148 different countries. Our mobile content management platform provides a cost effective solution for businesses to build and optimize their mobile presence for over 5,000 different devices.

In 2014, MoFuse was acquired by The Search Agency in an all stock transaction.

Learn more about MoFuse here.

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NarRagansett Brewery

Narragansett is a classic American lager made, beginning to end, by union guys, in the country's 5th largest brewery. One that's been producing award-winning beers for more than 125 years, on a foundation of time-honored traditions and a spirit of ingenuity.

Learn more about Narragansett Brewery here.

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NODAR (Native Optical Detection And Ranging) is the next generation and evolution of LiDAR technology – simple, low cost, and powerful. Real solid state LiDAR is here right now. NODAR is the secret sauce that enables level 5 autonomous vehicles and offers a cost-performance profile that separates us from the rest.

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NuLabel has developed patent pending liner-free label technology that uses an activated adhesive  to eliminate the need for the liner. NuLabel has also developed activation hardware to seamlessly integrate NuLabel’s liner-free platform into a company’s existing labeling operation. This low cost, zero waste solution offers numerous benefits.

Learn more about Nulabel here.

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Premama products are the only prescription strength prenatal supplement drink mixes that provide the full spectrum of vitamins required for expectant mothers and their unborn child and that soothe symptoms of morning sickness and minimize iron induced constipation.

Learn more about Premama here.


Respiratory Motion Inc.

Respiratory Motion, Incorporated is a medical device company focusing on the development and commercialization of innovative devices to monitor respiratory variation. Our lead device, the ExSpironTM, is intended to be the first non-invasive, point-of-care monitoring system to provide a quantitative measurement of the adequacy of breathing to allow health care providers to better assess and treat their patients.

Learn more about Respiratory Motion here.


SmartCells, Inc.

SmartCells, Inc. developed SmartInsulin, a once-a-day, self-regulating, injectable formulation for treating diabetes. It is designed to provide several import advantages for diabetics.

In 2010, Merck acquired all outstanding stock of SmartCells, Inc. In return, SmartCells shareholders received an upfront cash payment and be eligible to receive clinical development and regulatory milestones for products resulting from the transaction for potential aggregate payments in excess of $500 million. Sales-based payments for products resulting from the transaction will also be payable.

Learn more about SmartCells here.



Streamroot offers video content providers a streaming solution that improve the user experience while dramatically decreasing their bandwidth costs. By leveraging their peer-to-peer technology powered by WebRTC, they provide a highly scalable, very efficient and cost effective Content Delivery Networks. Streamroot is completely transparent with broadcaster's existing infrastructures, it's seamless for the end user and compatible with its current CDN and streaming technology.

Learn more about Streamroot here.



TimeTrade is the world leader in online appointment scheduling systems used by businesses to create new customers, accelerate the sales and service process and make it easy and fast to respond to customers—24/7.

Learn more about TimeTrade here.


Unruly STudios

Unruly Studios creates products that engage kids with coding through active recess-style play. Unruly Splats are durable programmable stompable floor buttons that light up, make sound, and sense stepping. Students (1st - 7th grade) play active games on Splats like relay races, whack-a-mole, and dance routines and they make their own rules for Splats with our kid-friendly coding app. Our team is made up of experts in cognitive science, toy manufacturing, education, and technology with experience on teams at Scratch, the MIT Media Lab, Hasbro, Mattel, Nickelodeon, iRobot, and Disney.

Learn more about Unruly Studios here.


WindGap Medical

WindGap Medical’s patient and clinician surveys show that the EpiPen® is bulky and awkward to carry, especially for children. It has tight temperature storage requirements of 68-77°F and will rapidly degrade outside of that range. Through patent-pending microfluidics and miniaturization, its product is as small as a USB drive, intuitive to use, and extends the storage temperature range out to 32-105°F.

Learn more about WindGap Medical here.