Cherrystone Angel Group employs a multi-step process to evaluate potential investment opportunities, as follows. From submission to investment, it takes Cherrystone roughly 60 days to complete. However, all deals are different and based on the maturity of the company and the complexity of the product, transaction time will fluctuate. 

Cherrystone Angel Group only accepts direct applications and neither recognizes nor employs any agents to act on its behalf.  


Application requires:


Cherrystone Company Application

Presentation Deck

Executive Summary

Financial Projections



The Cherrystone application asks for information about your business, its structure, marketing and sales plans, the management team, financial projections, and your capital structure. We use a platform, Gust, to administer our application process.

Cherrystone Angel Group takes all reasonable efforts to assure that information submitted remains confidential, but will not sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before reviewing completed surveys and business plans.