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About Us

Cherrystone Angel Group, founded in 2004 with more than 60 members, is Rhode Island’s first organized angel investment group.

All our members are experienced and qualified investors who have either built their own companies or have extensive experience launching new business ventures. Many have done both. Their backgrounds include creating or working with manufacturing, distribution, technology, and service companies. Many have been serial entrepreneurs.

To help ensure the success of our investments, we actively work with the entrepreneurs in whom we invest.

While we recognize that it is the entrepreneur who drives the company — and on whom ultimate success depends — we also understand that good advice and focused expertise are vital to the success of any business venture. That’s what we provide.

We like being an active partner in the companies we invest in.  When we invest, we not only bring money to the table but industry knowledge and connections that will make your business succeed.


Video provided courtesy of Providence Business News.